New Source Guide on Dutch Group Settlement in Brazil

Recently, a new thematic guide on Brazil has been published on the website of the National Archives of the Netherlands: Thematic guide “Zeskamp”. Local sources in relation to six Dutch group settlements in Brazil in the period (1900) 1948 - 2016. 

In this thematic guide, a number of sources have been described which contain data on six Dutch group settlements in Brazil: Carambeí, Holambra, Não-Me-Toque, Castrolanda, Arapoti and Campos de Holambra. The sources are published as well as archive documents from the period (1900) 1948 – 2016, managed mainly by the local museums of the concerned migrant communities. Sometimes the repositories of relevant sources referred to are located elsewhere in the colonies. The name “Zeskamp” refers to the annual sporting event, in which the six colonies are presented by a group of participants.

The thematic guide “Zeskamp” has been chosen due to its objective, namely to map the present local sources in relation to the six group settlements in Brazil. Cultural anthropologist Renate Stapelbroek has conducted her research over a period of three months in 2016. The source research took place as part of the Tulipana programme of the interuniversity Centre for Global Heritage and Development in Leiden, and under the scientific supervision of Frans van Dijk and Charles Jeurgens from the National Archives of the Netherlands.

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