Opgraving Beemster
Heritage & Identity

Heritage & Identity

This theme touches upon the processes by which heritage is being defined, in the present and the past, and across a great variety of social and political contexts. The group wants to create traction, across the many disciplines which the LDE framework encompasses, with respect to the themes sustainability, ownership and materiality. The research coordinators of Heritage and Identification are Erik de Maaker and Anna Mignosa

Research topics

  • Heritage, citizenship and democracy
  • Heritage and social inclusion and social exclusion
  • Hertage related policies
  • Heritage and sustainable development
  • Heritage and wellbeing
  • Rethinking tangible and intangible heritage
  • The practice and politics of collecting, de-collecting and re-collecting in the 21st century
  • Shared heritage, contested heritage
  • Ownership, claims and restitution of heritage
  • Heritage and digitization
  • Heritage tourism, popular history and media
  • Crafts and skill in the past and in the present