Marleen Hofland-Mol

Job title
PhD Candidate, ESHCC at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Marleen Hofland-Mol is a goldsmith, teacher Entrepreneurship at vocational institute Albeda and an external PhD-candidate at Erasmus University (supervised by Prof. dr. Arjo Klamer and dr. Anna Mignosa). She holds an MA in Culture Economics and Entrepreneurship and during this program specialized in creative craft, craft entrepreneurship and vocational education. Her PhD-research aims to get insight in what might influence the appreciation of creative crafts in the Netherlands. Building on the findings of her MA thesis on the ecosystem and context of creative crafts. The novelty of this research lies in the use of a comparative study with best practice Germany to assess if the valuation of creative crafts could be related to how a creative crafts sector is organized. With the rare combination of her experiences she whishes to connect craft and theory in a creative and practical manner, and to build bridges between the wide variety of organizations the crafts field consist of.

Currently, together with dr. Anna Mignosa, Marleen represents the Erasmus University in the European research consortium CHARTER. CHARTER Alliance aims to ensure that current and future cultural heritage professionals have a strong, sustainable and adaptable sector. Through combining new gathered knowledge of the sector specific competences and skills with already existing findings and recommendation to streamline a new strategic approach to sectoral cooperation.

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