Previous Summer Schools

Previous summer schools were:

2021 (23-26 August) "Cross Border Transfer of Cultural Objects: the Law, Challenges, and Practice"

Given the increase of legislation in this field, which standards are exactly in place to prevent the illicit trade? How to ensure that the provenance of an object is lawful, and what are the standards for title issues regarding cultural objects looted in the past? Besides, what is the role of law enforcement? In an interdisciplinary setting, with scholars and professionals from the fields of law, heritage protection, museum studies, and the art market, we took a look at the standards and mechanisms that are in place to prevent that cultural objects are looted, acquired, or traded unlawfully. The programme was curated by our experts Evelien Campfens (Leiden University) and Naomi Oosterman (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

2020 (24-27 August) "Museums and Sustainable Development Goals"

In 2015 all UN Member States adopted 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a general call to action to protect our planet, end poverty and improve everybody’s lives. By 2030 these goals must have been met. By now it has become clear that we all need to double our efforts to achieve these SDGs. We contributed to the discussion with our 2020 Summer School in which the participants saw how a number of SDGs are taken up by six internationally renowned Dutch museums in Leiden and Rotterdam.

2019 (26-30 August) "Cultural Objects, Human Rights and International Law"

This summer school was co-organised with Amy Strecker (University College of Dublin) and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. Themes discussed were: cultural takings in history, development of international norms, legal norms in practice, colonial objects, human rights, and returns.