Eldris Con Aguilar

Job title
Postdoctoral Researcher Impact of Impact-Driven Education at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Eldris is an education and heritage specialist with a diverse professional background. She possesses a bachelor in Education (History and Geography) with Cum Laude Honors, Catholic University of Andrés Bello (2011) and a master degree in Latin American Studies, Leiden University (2012)  

She obtained her PhD at Leiden University in 2019.  Her PhD research was part of the ERC-Synergy research project NEXUS 1492. There she studied, from a pedagogical approach, the teaching of indigenous heritage in the Caribbean social studies curriculum. Being an educator, Eldris was interested to investigate how this topic is taught in the Caribbean classroom from an informed analysis of teacher’s views and policy documents. As a result of her doctoral studies workshops were conducted in the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Dominica with the participation and collaboration of local communities.

Eldris has produced educational resources for teachers in the Caribbean in collaboration with the research group of NEXUS 1492. These materials are now available in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Dutch-forthcoming) and are of use to teachers of primary and secondary school education.

Currently, Eldris is an affiliated researcher with the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. Her research interests revolve around the field of heritage and identity; and teacher education. Especially she aims to dedicate her future research endeavors in studying the effects of mass tourism in how teachers and students experience the past in the context of European historical cities.

Con Aguilar