The Centre for Global Heritage and Development stimulates and facilitates multidisciplinary and innovative heritage research and education. To this cause the Centre also manages a fund that can be used as seed money for groups of researchers (PhD’s, postdocs, research staff). The seed money can, for example, be spend on the organization of workshops or other joint events, guest invitations, travel, exhibitions, film, translation and publication, but also on hiring temporary extra capacity (a TA or trainee). 


Your proposal should be in line with one of the themes of the Centre-‘Heritage under Threat’, ‘Heritage and Identity’ or ‘Heritage and Environment’ (please see the research themes for a description) and should contribute to some extent to LDE collaboration and profiling, future external funding options and valorization. 

Your proposal needs to involve at least two out of three Universities of the LDE-Alliance: Leiden University, Delft Technical University and/or Erasmus University Rotterdam:

  • If your research proposal  involves two universities (Leiden, Delft and/or Erasmus) you are eligible for 4000 euro*
  • If your research proposal involves all three universities (Leiden, Delft and Erasmus) you are eligible for 6000 euro*


Describe your research proposal - paying attention to the criteria mentioned above - in one page and send it together with a budget estimate to Mara de Groot

If your proposal has been selected as a CGHD-project, CGHD can also play a part in organization and exposure of the project results. This will be discussed with you in further detail.

*Note that there is a maximum amount of 10.000 euro to spend each calendar year, so please contact us in an early stage of your idea.