Our Collections Matter

Sustainability is at the heart of many sectors, and for the heritage field this is not different. On May 4th 2020 ICCROM and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a period of four years to cooperate in the matter of sustainability through and for heritage.

ICCROM is the world's leading intergovernmental organization dedicated to the preservation of all categories of heritage worldwide. Beginning this year ICCROM initiated the ‘Our Collections Matter project’. With this project ICCROM wants to demonstrate and underline how cultural heritage and its conservation has a crucial role to play in sustainable development. Besides collections being an effective way of safeguarding and transmitting cultural and natural heritage directly, they provide the basis for enabling a wide range of activities and projects. From learning, education, participation and research, to creative industries, sustainable tourism and peacebuilding: heritage collections can advance sustainability in its different pillars.

contact: Mohamad Meqdad and/or Kaiyi Zhu