Kaiyi Zhu

Job title
Postdoc, Chair of History of Architecture & Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, TU Delft

Kaiyi Zhu works at the interface of architectural and urban history and heritage-related studies and practices. She is trained as an architect with an interest in the protection and transformation of urban heritage sites. Kaiyi obtained her PhD at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, TU Delft, with a research project entitled "In the Name of Conservation". She is currently a research fellow at the China Academy of Art and also works for the project PortCityFutures (LDE) and the UNESCO Chair Water, Ports and Historic Cities.

Her research mainly focuses on transnational exchanges of ideas, cultural values and sustainable development goals, interpretation of heritage conservation discourse and heritage-related policy-making in China, as well as heritage practices in the urban transformation of historic neighbourhoods and waterfront areas. She is an editorial staff of the European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes, and a reviewer of the Journal of Architecture, Planning Perspectives, and Landscape and Urban Planning. She was on the organization committee of the LDE Heritage International Conference on Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals in 2019, and convoked the LDE Re-Scape Colloquium: Mobilizing Water Heritage in Sustainable Development in 2021. She was selected at the 19th IPHS Conference as IPHS Spotlight on Emerging Research and Researchers in Planning History.

Kaiyi is a member of the Our Collections Matter network from ICCROM since January 2023.


Last publications
Sun, L., & Zhu, K. (2022). The Social Dimension of Urban Transformation in Shanghai: Population Mobility, Modernity, and Globalization. Journal of Urban History, 48(1), 213–221. https://doi.org/10.1177/0096144220971820

Zhu, K., Ting, C-S., Lin, S-L., Hein, C. M. & Mager, T. (2021). Roundtable I: Water and Heritage. In U., Fatoric, S., Hein, C., de Maaker, E. & Pereira Roders, A. (eds.), LDE Heritage Conference on Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals: Proceedings. Pottgiesser (pp. 513 - 515), TU Delft Open.

Zhu, K., Hein, C.M. (2020). Temporalities and the conservation of cultural relic protection units: legislative, economic and citizen times of the Bugaoli community in globalising Shanghai. Built Heritage, 4 (11). https://doi.org/10.1186/s43238-020-00012-8

Zhu, K., Hein, C. M. & Sun, L. (2020). Dynamic Heritage Strategies: Dutch Practices of Architectural Heritage Transformation in the Cultural, Economic and Historical Dimensions (动态的遗产策略:文化、经济、历史维度下的荷兰建筑遗产改造实践), The Architect (建筑师), 2020, (1): 22-31.



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