Vacancy at TU Delft: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values & Project Decisions for Sustainability

This tenure track position focusses on the education of architects, urban planners and building scientists, to empower them with the needed knowledge, skills and attitude, to better develop and control the values influencing project decisions, towards greater heritage conservation and sustainability. To fit within the section Heritage & Architecture in general and the chair of Heritage & Values in particular, a complementary ability to bridge qualitative and quantitative approaches is needed. Within the context of Heritage & Values, easily switching between education programs in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Technology is wanted. The candidate will also help to develop a new, education inspired, research line in one or more of the following areas:

  • Heritage, Values and Education (e.g. architects, engineers, urban planners, real estate managers);
  • Heritage, Values and Project decisions (e.g. conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, renovation, recycling, relocation, deconstruction, demolition);
  • Heritage, Values and Sustainability (e.g. social, historic, political, age, aesthetical, scientific, ecological and economic).   

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Vacancy Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values and Project Decisio…