Trailer MOOC Heritage under Threat

In December 2016 the Centre for Global Heritage and Development presented a Massive Open Online Course or MOOC on the topic Heritage under Threat. There is a lot of media attention for the destruction of heritage in the Middle East. The MOOC will look at this in a reflective manner: is it unique what is happening there right now? The MOOC will cover the basics of heritage engaging the public by asking questions like:  "What is your heritage?" "Why is it threatened?" It will also look at the future: How can we deal with the destruction using the newest technologies? 

The MOOC will be in a documentary style and is freely available for everyone who is interested in the topic. Following it does not require previous knowledge on the subject. It is aimed at both practicioners in the field, and people who are concerned in general over situations of failed governance or neglect in regards to heritage.

Watch the trailer of the MOOC Heritage under Threat: 


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