Launch Shared Heritage Focus Group

ICOMOS is an international non-governmental organisation committed to the conservation of cultural heritage. ICOMOS Netherlands and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development have been collaborating since 2015. This partnership focuses mainly on the topic of water and heritage to raise awareness on how heritage can and should be incorporated in planning infrastructural development to protect deltas from floods and sea-level rise. Based on our existing expertise and interest, the two organisations have now initiated two new focus groups: one on Heritage and Tourism and another on Shared Heritage.

Shared Heritage is a theme with widespread branches, both geographically and in content. Former Dutch explores have left many cultural traces overseas. These can be found for example in Indonesia, India, Surinam, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, the Caribbean, the United States, Australia and Russia.  The collaboration of exports from ICOMOS Netherlands/ ICOMOS International and the Centre will facilitate knowledge exchange, build network and prioritise themes on an international stage.

The focus group on Shared Heritage will be led by Francis Kettenis and David Koren, and it will organize several activities like excursions, debates and lectures to engage members and build networks.  

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development has offered to host the secretariat of the Shared Heritage focus group for the years 2019-2022.  For more information please contact Mara de Groot.

Position Paper Shared Heritage (in Dutch)