‘Water as Heritage’ International Conference

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Chiayi, Taiwan
programme committee water and heritage
Programme Committee (left to right) Dr Sunite Yu, TIIWE, Taiwan; Dr Sergio Ribeiro, CIRAT Brazil;  Dr Steve Brown, ICOMOS Australia and ISC Cultural Landscapes. Dr Sahdev Singh, ICID; Dr Shi, Director Bureau of Culture, Taiwan;  Henk van Schaik, ICOMOS NL; , Prof. John Peterson, ICOMOS US, and Dr Tino Mager, CGHD and ICOMOS Germany

From 27 to 31 May, 2019 the Taiwan International Institute for Water Education in cooperation with ICOMOS Netherlands and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development will organize the international conference ‘Water as Heritage’, in Chiayi, Taiwan.

In the contemporary world, the functional and heritage dimensions of water are typically treated separately. Thus, water managers are concerned with supplying/treating water and regulating water resources while local communities may use water for recreation as well as for rituals and ceremonies, and heritage experts are interested in studying and conserving past water icons. But, neither water managers nor water heritage experts are concerned about the values of water heritage for sustainable development in the present and the future. 

The conference will bring together water managers and water heritage experts to explore and establish through examples the relevance of water related heritage as a source of inspiration and well spring for innovation and creativity for planning and policy development to enhance the security of the present and future generations. The conference will focus on five water-related themes: 
(i) water for services; 
(ii) waterscapes; 
(iii) waterways; 
(iv) water for power, power of water 
(v) worldviews on water. 

For more information: www.water-as-heritage2019.org.tw