New intern: Paraskevi (Vicky) Makridou


Paraskevi Makridou
Paraskevi Makridou, Trainee and Student Reporter at Centre for Global Heritage and Development

Paraskevi studied Archaeology and History of Art in Thessaloniki.  Currently she doing her Master in Heritage Management and Digital Archaeology.  She is also a trainee at the Centre for Global Heritage and Development involved with the organisation of a conference on Heritage and Sustainability, that is scheduled for March 2019. Her main responsibilities include, but are not limited to, writing an instructive and appealing project proposal to apply for funding and perform any other valuable tasks within the framework of the project. 



My perspective is that heritage should be both inclusive and future oriented and I consider being part of an innovative and interdisciplinary organisation such as the Centre for Global Heritage and Development a great opportunity to get actively involved and promote these ideas.