Karin Stadhouders Asserts the Importance of Cultural Heritage at CalsMUN 2020.


Karin Stadhouders delivering her speech at CalsMUN 2020
Karin Stadhouders delivering her speech at CalsMUN 2020

On the eighteenth of January our affiliated researcher Karin Stadhouders, MA delivered a speech at the Model United Nations Conference at Cals College, Nieuwegein. In her speech Mrs Stadhouders stressed the link between cultural heritage and identity formation and the dire need of protecting the latter from any possible threats. A suitable subject for the conference's theme: Historical Influences.  

Using Koosje Spitz' definition of cultural heritage (see adjoined video), Mrs Stadhouders addressed the young delegates in order to instill in them a concept of what cultural heritage entails. It is through the interaction with cultural heritage--tangible and intangible--that our identities are formed, and, at the same time we constantly redefine what said heritage is in the process. Protecting cultural heritage, hence, becomes not only UNESCO's work, but our shared responsibility. 

To know more read Mrs Stadhouders' speech attached at the bottom of the page.


Karin Stadhouders' speech at CalsMUN 2020.