Re-Scape Colloquia: COVID-19 and Its Effect on Mass Tourism in World Heritage Cities

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The current COVID-19 crisis has many unforeseen side effects; one of them is a (temporary?) decline in mass tourism in cities famous for their preserved heritage like Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, and Paris. In this webinar several specialists will reflect on questions such as: How will these cities and their inhabitants respond when mass tourism returns? What measures can or should now be taken while mass tourism is on pause? How is education and research about mass tourism being affected? How has the experience of these cities changed? How is heritage education in general being affected by the corona crisis? This webinar will delve into these questions with the help of local and international experts in the fields of heritage tourism, heritage education, digital humanities, and historical archaeology. Its aim is to gain insight from their specific experiences in order to understand the effects of COVID-19 on tourism and heritage.

This online Re-scape is the initiative of dr. Eldris Con Aguilar. The following speakers will participate:

prof. dr. Stijn Reijnders (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

MA Karin Elgin Nijhuis (Consultant Heritage Tourism)

prof. dr. Valerie Higgins (American University in Rome)