Heritage and Development: Using HIA to assess the Impacts of Change (guest lecture)

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in Leiden (upon registration)

HIADr. Ayesha Pamela Rogers, director of heritage consultancies in Hong Kong and Lahore and Visiting Professor from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, will visit Leiden!

Rogers has been active in the development of Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) methodology and implementation in Asia. HIA is an important tool to assess both positive and negative impacts of policies and development proposals on heritage resources of all kinds, including World Heritage properties. HIA deals with the conflicts between conservation and development, enabling heritage to play a critical role in sustainable development. Dr. Rogers will discuss the methodology of HIA, its application in different situations and how it contributes to conservation of heritage in the face of inevitable change.

The lecture will be openened with an introduction by Monique van den Dries, Associate Professor in Archaeological Heritage Management. 

We kindly ask the participants to think of a local situation where heritage is in conflict with or threatened by development.  

This lecture is open to anyone interested, but please register before June 18 through sending an email to info@globalheritage.nl. Location will be communicated upon registration!