Heritage Impact Assessment

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As a multidisciplinary academic centre, proudly representing three Universities, the Centre for Global Heritage and Development is perfectly equipped to advice in heritage matters:  to give policy advice, organize cultural events, symposia and trainings, do specific research and assessments, for example in World Heritage context.

Heritage Impact Assessment

At 'endangered heritage' we immediately see images of temples and statues in the Middle East being destroyed. War and conflict is indeed a reason why heritage is at risk, but there are other much larger risks which somehow go under the radar: urbanization, population growth, large-scale infrastructural and agricultural projects and climate change.

Staff from the Centre for Global Heritage and Development is trained in the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) method: 

A process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and communicating the probable effects of a current or proposed development policy or action on the cultural life, institutions and resources of communities, then integrating the findings and conclusions into the planning and decision making process, with a view to mitigating adverse impacts and enhancing positive outcomes.

ICOMOS Guidance on Heritage Impact Assessment for Cultural World Heritage Properties, 2011

See this link and the flyer underneath this page for more information on this method.