Weixuan Li

Job title
PhD Candidate, Huygens Institute and University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Weixuan Li is a PhD candidate at the Huygens Institute and University of Amsterdam (UvA). She is finishing my doctoral dissertation employing a spatial perspective to unravel the art and market development in 17th-century Amsterdam (2022). This research is part of the NWO research project: Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data Research and her part focuses on using space (2D or 3D) as an anchor to align historical evidence to tell a story about the 17th-century Amsterdam and its painters. 

Her research in general focuses on 17th-century Dutch art and market and the spatial, urban, and socio-economical circumstances in which the artworks were created. She is interested in probing the interplay between artistic invention and economic consideration, understanding artists’ choices and behaviors, and using digital means to visualize (2D and 3D) the hidden knowledge within archival sources.

 Weixuan Li also graduated from the dual-masters program in Urban Planning and Transportation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and worked as a senior consultant and transportation economist for the Steer Group in Boston.

To learn more about her research: https://weixuan-li.com/

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