Negar Sanaan Bensi

Job title
PhD Researcher, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft

Negar Sanaan Bensi graduated from Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST, Tehran), architecture department in 2006 with honorable mention. She received her master degree in Architecture from TU Delft in 2009 and received an honorable mention in National Archiprix 2011 in the Netherlands for her graduation project “Space of the Voids, space of remembrance and forgetfulness, Havana”.

During and after graduation she worked for several architecture firms in Tehran, Rotterdam, and Antwerp while contributing to design studios and workshops in Tehran Azad University and IUST, faculty of Architecture. She awarded the second price with her team for a national architecture competition “Sustainable House” in 2005 and second prize for “Project 1095- Pavilion Design, the Netherlands” in 2012.

Since 2012, she has been a Ph.D. researcher at TU Delft, department of architecture. Her research concerns a critical reading on the architecture of the “bazaar”, in regard to the understanding of complex spatial and territorial mechanisms within contemporary cities and their historical backgrounds. Her Ph.D. is supervised by Prof. Ir. Michiel Riedijk, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom Avermaete and Ir. M.G.H. Schoonderbeek. Currently, she is teaching design and theory courses in the chair of Public Building as well as Complex Projects. She is part of the editorial board of the Footprint Journal and an editor of the upcoming Issue of Footprint #23: The Architecture of Logistics.

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