Catherine Somzé

Job title
External PhD Candidate, Erasmus University College

Catherine Somzé holds a MA degree in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid (2001), a MA degree in Film and Television Studies from the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences Amsterdam (2003), and a Research MA degree in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam (2006). Her current research focuses on the career trajectory of art graduates in the Netherlands considering most of them are female while women are underrepresented in the Dutch art world. At present, Catherine combines a senior lectureship in modern and contemporary art at the Erasmus University College with a teaching position at the Willem de Kooning Academy, where she also serves as the head of the assessment committee for the art and design departments. Furthermore, Catherine is a thesis supervisor for the Dirty Art Department and a member of the examination board at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. 

Catherine has published widely about art, from exhibition reviews and interviews with artists to opinion pieces about the role of art in society. From 2008 until 2011, she was the chief art critic for Time Out Amsterdam. Her work as a cultural critic and art journalist has appeared in magazines such as De Groene Amsterdammer and Flash Art. For a sample of her publications, please visit 


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