What is fake and what is real?

AppleThe workshop Fake & Real: in Ancient and Modern SocietiesObjects, Places and Practices, took place on March 15-16 of 2018 in Leiden. The workshop was organised by Lanah Haddad, Silke Hahn and Réka Mascher-Frigyesi, from the ‘Value and Equivalence’  Research group from Frankfurt, and by the Heritage Department (Museum Studies) from the Faculty of Archaeology. The aim of the workshop was to examine notions of fake and real, ‘and everything in-between’ through case-studies from across the globe. The researchers covered material culture and immaterial culture, spanning the different disciplines of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology and Museology. The organisers noted that object of the workshop was not to generate a normative definition of the terms ‘fake’ and ‘real’ but instead to bring to light limitations of the established terminology in various contexts. 

Student reporter Selina Abraham attended the workshop and wrote a report about it. 

Report Fake and Real workshop (37.66 KB)