Welcome to Dr. Sandra Fatorić - the CGHD's New Visiting Scholar

Dr. Sandra Fatorić is a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Archaeology, Department of Archaeological Heritage and Society, and the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

Her work seeks to bridge the scientific and policy gaps between climate change risks, adaptation and diverse cultural heritage. She draws on her vast expertise in both the Global North and the Global South when working with the national, regional/provincial, local, diverse stakeholder, and community groups. Specifically, Sandra focuses on assessing climate change risks and impacts to diverse cultural heritage; advancing scientific understanding of cultural heritage values and benefits for supporting climate adaptation and mitigation goals; developing decision support tools for more transparent and equitable climate adaptation planning; and improving the capacity of stakeholders and policymakers to develop and carry out climate adaptation strategies within the cultural heritage sector. 

Sandra holds a Ph.D. in Geography from Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).