Update project Palmyra Arch

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development is considering a festival on Syrian cultural heritage for early 2019: Heritage for Future.  Since our cooperation with the department GeoEngineering at TU Delft in the project Scanning for Syria, Syrian heritage has a special place in our centre. The cooperation with the Institute for Digital Archeology (IDA) for the traveling exhibition of the replica of the Palmyra Arch fitted very well in our centre goals. Unfortunately we were not able to realize this project within the planned time and conditions and we ended our cooperation with IDA. 

We would like to thank everyone involved with this special project. It is great to see so many of you caring about the endangered Syrian heritage. We wish IDA a lot of success with the exhibition of the Palmyra Arch and wholeheartedly hope that it will raise attention for Syria's demolished cultural heritage and other endangered heritage elsewhere in the world.

The festival Heritage for Future will be some weeks of inspiring activities (music, dance, lectures on Syrian archaeology, workshops, poetry and matchmaking) for anyone to join. As soon as the program for the event Heritage for Future is set, we will inform you. We hope to welcome you all en make it a great opportunity to share ideas and get to know the rich culture of Syria a bit better again.