Summer School: Art Markets: An Integrated Perspective

Summer School - Art Markets: An Integrated Perspective

Participants with an academic or professional interest in the mechanics of the art market will join European and American specialists in art history, economics, sociology, finance, and digital humanities. Together, they will present, share, workshop and discuss theoretical approaches, conceptual frameworks and methodological tools in an informal setting. This immersive experience will inspire and shape new interdisciplinary thinking about the emergence, history and governance of art markets around the world.

The training is scheduled to last five days, from July 11 to 15, 2022. Participants are invited to follow the course in its entirety. It will be taught by about fifteen speakers, specialists in economics, finance, economic history, art history, sociology, law, and the digital humanities—all internationally recognized in their fields. 

The training will include theoretical and methodological interventions, open to confrontation and exchange of views. 

The training will alternate theoretical presentations built around concepts and themes central to the analysis of art markets. Specialists from different disciplinary fields will present their approaches in dialogue with colleagues from different backgrounds. Following the theoretical talks and discussion, workshops will be devoted to methodological approaches in the form of interactive workshops offering practical exercises.

The program builds on the accomplishments of the first edition in terms of format and approach, but the sessions offered at the 2022 edition have been brought up to date to cover recent developments in scholarships and the market. We have also invited a number of different speakers who will share their views and expertise. Lastly, the fieldtrips to Antwerp and the Rubenianum and to Brussels and Sotheby’s will give the participants a rare opportunity to visit and interact with local art (market) institutions.

Registrations to the International Thematic Summer School 2022 are now closed.