Student job in heritage!

The Finnish University of Jyväskyläis is planning a research in National Westerbork Memorial as part of their EU­RO­HE­RIT – Le­gi­ti­mation of Eu­ro­pean cul­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge and the dy­na­mics of iden­ti­ty po­li­tics in the EU project . The idea is to interview visitors about their experience and they need a Dutch speaking assistant for this. 

Initial plan:

Day 1 visiting the site/exhibitions, collecting data
Day 2 visitor interviews

Day 3 expert interviews and visitor interviews continue (if needed).
Day 4 back up day

The assistant will do the visitor interviews, which are short, approximately 15 minute, with people who have visited the site and prefer to have the interviews in Dutch. The assistant should visit the site (if not already familiar with the exhibitions) prior to the interviews. The goal is to get 20 interviews in total. So it will probably take one or two days. After the fieldwork, the assistant will also need to translate and transcribe the interviews (s)he has done into English.

All the travel costs of the assistant will be covered (although only afterward through a travel bill) and (s)he will receive a salary of 16€/hour. The assistant should be fluent in English and preferably a native speaker of Dutch.

Most likely the field work will take 3-4 days. So between January 27th and 30th.

If you are interested please contact Johanna Turunen: johanna.k.turunen at