LDE Minor Heritage and Design

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft organizes a Minor Heritage and Design (from september 2016 onwards it will be taught in English). 

In this minor you will learn to develop concepts for the transformation of buildings, urban areas and public spaces. The basis for these interventions is a historic analysis of the site and knowledge of architectural history. The challenge is to preserve monumental values, existing qualities and the sense of place – while giving way for an intervention that allows for a new function and prepares a site for an up-to-date use. Studies of heritage and other subjects form an important framework.

You will immerse yourself in the issue of cultural-historic continuity and urban identity. In this minor the particular focus lies on how we currently handle cultural heritage and necessary urban renewal with reference to changing function requirements. Related to the urban renewal we also focus on the use of public areas as well as the interior spaces of historic buildings in an old city centre. 

To approach these complex tasks, you will be challenged to familiarise yourself with the specific design skills and knowledge of city and architectural development of Dutch cities. In addition, you will delve into analysis methods and various theoretic approaches, as well as in cultural, societal and philosophical aspects. You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in and to practise with aspects such as historical identity, value proposition and spatial intervention with objects and structures of cultural heritage in a historic environment. History is used as inspiration for the design.

  • This minor is intended for all students of TU Delft, Erasmus University and University of Leiden. As both students of architecture and other disciplines participate, the designs will be developed and presented at a conceptual level – for which it is not necessary to have all the knowledge and skills required for a conventional architectural design. We aim to work in transdisciplinary teams – where all team members can bring in their creativity, visions and ambitions on an equal base.
  • External academic: art history, architectural history, archaeology, landscape architecture, planning. Level: end second year Bachelor.
  • Also students in HBO education can enroll for the minor. For them a selection procedure applies.

Alexander de Ridder (TU Delft) is the contact for this minor. For more information or registration, follow this link. 

Download de flyer van de Minor Heritage and Design (in Dutch)