Call for participation in Heritage tables Province of Zuid-Holland

Zuid-Holland is rich in heritage: mills, estates and forts, but also archaeology, historic waterways and industrial heritage. The province of Zuid-Holland is committed to preserving, making and making accessible and utilizing this heritage, so that this contributes to an attractive living environment and business climate. The province focuses on seven heritage lines that consist of the following elements:

  1. The Atlantikwall
  2. The Zone of Estates
  3. Limes, the Roman Border
  4. Trekvaarten
  5. The Water Triangle (Dordrecht, Biesbosch, Kinderdijk)
  6. The Old Dutch Waterline
  7. The Isle of Goeree-Overflakkee

Also see this youtube video (in Dutch)

Every heritage line has a network of stakeholders; the so-called heritage tables. The heritage tables have their own budget and formulate a joint target and a logically resulting agenda of activities and projects. They meet four times per year. The heritage tables are not static. During the implementation, stakeholders can hook up. Many parties are involved: local policy makers, commercial parties, but remarkable very little scholars attend yet. Realizing the heritage lines is something that the province can not do by itself. This is why we spread out this information to you. If you are interested to connect to one (or more) of the heritage tables of the Province of Zuid-Holland, influence policy making and be an ambassador of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus, please contact Mara de Groot.  Mara can connect you to the project leaders of each heritage table.


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