Call for Abstracts ICAHM: Towards a People-centered Approach


>>UPDATE 18-1-2021: the deadline for submission of your abstract has been extended to February 15!!<<

In present-day heritage management the UN Sustainable Development Goals are important topics, in which people and societal needs take a central stage. In archaeology it is not always apparent if such a people-centred approach can be achieved and if so in what way. In particular in a development-led practice it is not obvious. In this conference we will explore the possibilities of how these topics can be addressed in an inspirational manner. It will be based on experiences by professionals and the diverse stakeholder communities.

The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) is happy to announce that the 2021 ICAHM Annual Meeting will be organized online in close cooperation with Dutch partners: Faculty of Archaeology (Leiden University), Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Reinwardt Academy and the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development.


  • 21 June: Linking Archaeological Heritage to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • 22 June: Inspirational examples of people-centred approaches in AHM (stakeholder analysis, participation and bottom-up initiatives)
  • 23 June: Including societal value in archaeological heritage management. 
  • 24 June: Inclusivity and participation in relation to archaeological World Heritage sites: opportunities for the future?

For abstract criteria and submission see link underneath. Entry is open to non-members as well! 


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