Atlantikwall: Continuing Research

The student hub organised with our partners on the Atlantikwall in Den Haag in May of this year sees an exciting continuation. Through the Coherent-project, led by Prof. Hester Dibbits, and financed through the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (Dutch National Research Agenda), we obtained funding for the project Citizens Perspective on the Atlantikwall. Credits are due to Dr. Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip for this. The project will define methods to study and present the many perspectives that the citizens of Den Haag have on the contested heritage that is the Atlantikwall within their city. The project ties in with the Landscape Biography analysis and the upcoming student hub in May 2023. This hub will again be focused on the Atlantikwall and its future, but now on the scale of South Holland and not only Den Haag. Students who are already interested can contact us. 

As a kick-off of the Citizens Perspective on the Atlantikwall project, Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip and Rients de Boer presented the outcome of the last student hub and the perspectives of the new research during the Day of the Network Historical Cultural Landscape, Thursday 22 September at Huis van Hilde in Castricum. We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities and results that the work will engender. 

Graffiti on a tank wall - Photo by Dr. R. de Boer