Workshop on Virtual Reality for Art History

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VR Zone TU Delft



VRLiselore Tissen (Leiden University/TU Delft), Ruben Wiersma (TU Delft) and Sanne Frequin are collaborating to organize a workshop regarding the usefulness of Virtual Reality (VR) for art history.  As the metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital worlds are becoming an important part of our daily lives and research, it is becoming increasingly important to see how these technologies can be used in our advantage. In this workshop we want to investigate two things. Firstly: What do we expect from a virtual version of an object that we want to analyze? What quality do we need and what do we want to be able to do with it? Secondly we will investigate what functionalities art historians want in a virtual research environment. Do we want to collaborate, to be able to annotate the object, to add extra data (e.g. data technical research of the object) in the VR world?

Currently, we are looking for participants who want to join this interactive workshop. If you are interested to join this session, please send an email to