Summer school Transboundary Trade of Cultural Objects

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Leiden or The Hague
Summer school 2018
Heritage under Threat summer school 2018

In August 2021 we will organize the summer school 'Transboundary Trade of Cultural Objects. Its Practice, Legal Framework, Due Diligence, Provenance Research, and Enforcement', with Evelien Campfens, Naomi Oosterman, Donna Yates and other expert lecturers from in and outside academia. 

The topic touches upon the issues connected to collecting cultural objects, ethics, and (international) law. What are current practices in museums and the art world to make sure that objects being bought, sold or auctioned were not acquired illegally? By the same token, objects that were acquired “legally” at a time when current ethics and standards did not yet exist (i.e. prior to the 1970 UNESCO convention), can have claimants on moral grounds. And what about the many private collectors, who rely on the dealer to have made an assessment concerning an object’s history? This touches upon the following main themes:

  • Illicit Trade
  • Due Diligence
  • Provenance Research
  • Objects with Dangerous Agency

The summer school will look at these themes through theoretical approaches, but mostly by way of a number of controversial case studies within different realms such as:

  • Antiquities
  • Colonial objects
  • Asian objects
  • Ethnographic objects
  • Objects looted through war or conflict

The program and registration information will appear here in spring 2021. Stay updated through our newsletter and social media. 

Detail Terracotta army Xi'an, picture taken by Mara de Groot