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De Zandmotor



‘The Culture of Nature’ by Jacqueline Heerema

The upcoming Re-scape colloquium will take the form of a workshop on location. And not just any location: artist Jacqueline Heerema of Satellietgroep will take us to the Zandmotor, an experiment in new coastal defense strategies off the Dutch coast near Kijkduin. This “coastal defense laboratory” is a completely new and engineered landscape at first glance, but also inhabits ecological features as well as many human traces from the past. Artist Jaqueline Heerema of the Sattelietgroep will guide us through the historic dunes on to the new Zandmotor. The central question will be: Who is nature?

Heerema: Understanding the human impact on climate change involves disclosing new visual narratives, as the vital links for unlocking knowledge and insights on the perception of history (where we come from) and the challenges we face (where we are going).

You can count on:
- an interactive landscape observation workshop
- focus on the intersection of landscape, heritage and ecology
- interdisciplinary encounters (artists, architects, ecologists, planners and heritage researchers)
- a unique opportunity to visit a brand new and yet old coastal landscape
- a full afternoon of activities
- longer travelling time than normally (details will follow soon)

Practical information:

Date:                      Thursday April 5, 2018

Time:                     13:00-17:00 hrs

Meeting point:     Upon registration you will receive information about the meeting point. There will be transport arranged from and to The Hague Hollandspoor station.

Dresscode:           Outdoor (Dutch beaches can be bleak in April!). This expedition style colloquium includes a walking component so bring appropriate clothing and shoes.


Costs:                   participation is free of charge, but registration is required! (REGISTRATION IS FULL)


  • Introduction of Zandmotor by visual narratives (indoor, beamer);
  • outdoor observation assignment;
  • plenary discussion on findings;
  • Closing and drinks.


Jacqueline Heerema is founding director and curator of artists collective Satellietgroep (The Hague, 2006). Satellietgroep explores the sea, coastal transitions, climate change and the impact of mankind on these processes, in the Netherlands and abroad. Satellietgroep invites artists, designers, students and pupils for extensive fieldwork, to collaborate with local experts and scientists and to explore the shifting relations between culture and so-called (often man made) nature. Satellietgroep hosts an international artist-in-residency program to develop new visual narratives that include past, present and future perceptions. The results of the programs are shared during public expeditions, exhibitions and presentations at international conferences with general and professional audiences.


The Zandmotor is a pilot near The Hague that uses the principles of 'Building with Nature'. This innovative project aims to generate new knowledge in times of climate change and relative sea level rise for future coastal protection. An innovation, built on the foreshore in 2011 with 21,5 million cubic meters of sand. The Zandmotor is the only Dutch area outside the dikes that is exposed to the tides, built to transform and even assimilate around 2030 in sea, beach and dunes.

Satellietgroep redefined the Zandmotor as a new cultural phenomenon. Designed by man and performed by nature, but branded as ‘nature’. Is it a suicidal landscape? Is it a time machine? Built in 2011 as an Anthropocenic innovation to generate new knowledge for the future (scientific research by NatureCoast, Ecoshape), the Zandmotor was shaped with Pleistocene sand (and fossils) from the bottom of the North Sea. Its location is on the foreshore of one of the oldest dune areas Solleveld in the Netherlands (geology), that is in human use since the Iron Age (artefacts, archeology).
Since Satellietgroep started with the artistic research program in 2014, the Zandmotor is an open air, publicly accessible, scientific laboratory and trans-sectoral artistic laboratory with public programs. A learning environment for new perceptions of the shifting relations of culture and nature.

Jacqueline Heerema

Jacqueline Heerema is conceptual artist, studied museology, works as independent urban curator, is experienced in engaged large scale new heritage projects and develops interactive community based collections to develop new artistic insights that she connects to non-­artistic domains. She transformed an urban neighborhood into ‘Museum Oostwijk’ and deconstructed the classic concept of museums in ‘The Chamber of Marvels’.  Heerema invented the concept of Innovatory Heritage, in which heritage itsélf is subject to change, a shift from static/exclusive into dynamic/inclusive heritage.

Most of all, Heerema collects, connects and interconnects local knowledge on a global level and acts as a catalyst between society, arts and science. Since 2006 Heerema is founding director and curator of artists collective Satellietgroep.


Artistic research areas in the Netherlands: Zandmotor, Scheveningen, Waddensea (Vlieland, Terschelling), polders (Waterland, Haarlemmermeer), Afsluitdijk & more.

International exchange projects: New York City, Belgium, UK, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey & more.
Recent research projects and public presentations: Destination Highway Afsluitdam (Afsluitdijk, Making Waves 2017), Gardening without Borders (Wadden, Oerol 2017), Prospectors - three layers of landscape (Intersections Art Rotterdam 2017), Landschapsextracten (polder Waterland, 2016), Waterpionier (Zandmotor, 2016).