Louwe Kooijmanslezing: Close Encounters

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The Centre for Global Heritage and Development, in cooperation with the National Museum of Antiquities, the Louwe Kooijmaans Lecture and the Material Agency Forum, organise a keynote lecture from Prof. Dr. Kris Kristiansen (University of Gothenburg). 

In this lecture Professor Kristiansen presents a synthesis of the spectacular results of recent research.

Corded Ware Vessel


Steppe migrant thugs pacified by Stone Age farming women

When present day European genetics was formed during the beginning of the Bronze Age 5000 years ago it was a result of migrating Yamnaya pastoralists from the Caspian steppe encountering Stone Age farmers in northern and eastern Europe. A grand synthesis article published in the Journal Antiquity argues that young Yamnaya warriors belonging to raiding parties married local Stone Age women, settling and adopting a more agrarian lifestyle. During this process, where the Corded Ware Culture was formed, a new Proto-Germanic dialect appeared.

In this lecture prof. Kristiansen will argue that the Yamnaya migrations from the steppe into temperate Europe changed the course of history, bringing not only a new language, but also new ideas on how society was organized. This then became the foundation for the Bronze Age and for the way European societies continued to develop to the present.

Location: Tempelzaal, National Museum of Antiquities

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