WINNER - the Week of INdonesia – Netherlands Education and Research

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The Centre for Global Heritage and Development will be participating in the first edition of WINNER - the Week of INdonesia – Netherlands Education and Research. WINNER intends to become an annual conference where researchers, policymakers, and social stakeholders from Indonesia and the Netherlands are invited to present research results, and discuss how cooperation between the two countries can be promoted in science and education. This year's edition of WINNER will be organized as a digital conference in which participants are able to take part in online sessions and get inspired by existing and future collaborations.

The sessions focus on the topic "Achieving the SDGs: from Knowledge to Practice",  with the following (tentative) themes: 1) biodiversity, 2) governance for climate change, 3) renewable energy, 4) urbanization and regional planning, 5) health, 6) tourism, identity and culture, and 7) broader topics in research and education and its impacts (e.g creating impact, living labs, interdisciplinary collaboration). The online webinars (November 24-26) will last 40 to 50 minutes and are set up jointly by a Dutch and an Indonesian researcher. 

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development will co-host the session 'Collaboration on Culture and Justice for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals', with a reading on Heritage Impact Assessment by the Centre's managing director Mara de Groot on Wednesday November 25th starting 11.00 hours CET / 17.00 hours WIB.

For more information and registration visit the website of WINNER