Heritage & Sustainability International Conference

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Delft (tbd)

Conference on the occassion of the inaugural speech of Prof. Ana Pereira Roders from the Heritage & Values Chair, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft. 

Heritage—natural and cultural—plays a key role in the sustainable development of cities and communities. Goal 11, target 4, of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) emphasizes the relation between heritage and sustainability, among other international policies. Heritage also plays a role in many more goals and targets. How can academics and practitioners work together to further our understanding and impact on
heritage conservation, and consequently, on the sustainable development of cities and communities?

This conference aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

1. Time: Evolution and Dynamics
2. Roles: Tasks and Influences of Stakeholders
3. Disciplines: Capacities and Limitations
4. Place: Local reality vs Global ambitions
5. Heritage and Well-being
6. Heritage, Production and Consumption
7. Heritage and the Natural Resource Bases
8. Heritage, Governance Institutions and Means of Implementation
9. Heritage, SDGs and the next generation