Research meeting: New perspectives on writing historical narratives in post-colonial and digitized societies

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June 15, 15:00-17:30 hrs

Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam / Mandeville (T)-building, Room T3-20

Anna Clark (University of Technology Sydney): The sound of 'silence': overcoming narrative omission in Australian history

Prompted by a series of post-colonial critiques of the history discipline, the power of history to 'white out' indigenous perspectives in Australian history has been studied in great detail. This paper draws on that growing body of historiography to consider the idea of silence as a counter narrative to Australia's national memory since World War II. It explores how forgotten narratives can powerfully challenge a nation's collective memory, and the discipline of history itself. And it contemplates the need for history to construct disciplinary knowledge outside of its traditional archival domain. After all, if the archives are silent, how can historical knowledge be constructed?

Chiel van den Akker (Free University Amsterdam): How we relate to the past in our present-day digital culture, in particular through museum exhibitions

This talk is based on a chapter Chiel van den Akker wrote for the book Museums in a Digital Culture: How Art and Heritage Become Meaningful, which he co-edited with prof.dr. Susan Legêne (Free University Amsterdam).

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