TU internship in 3D modelling the Cog ship

In 2016 an ancient Cog ship from 1418 AD was salvaged from the river floor near Kampen, the Netherlands. The ship is one of the few Cog ships in the world which has been reasonably well preserved. Almost the complete hull has been found but the ship is deformed duo to decay and ground forces.

Cog ship


Research Goal

For assessing sailing and ship characteristics a 3D model is needed. Two data sources are available, blue-prints and a 3D point cloud. Both data sources have limitations. The blue-prints only show 2D cross sections and the 3D point clouds lacks details. The research question for this project is: what data source is the best source for the reconstruction of the 3D model, and how should the 3D model be constructed, preferably in an automated way?

The student will participate in the research on the 3D reconstruction of the Cog and build two 3D models based on the blueprints and the point clouds. Both models will then be evaluated to see which method results in the best representation of the ship.

For more information contact Sander Vos: S.E.Vos@tudelft.nl

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