Re-Scape Colloquium

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Leiden, P.J. Veth-building Noonesteeg 3. Room number to be announced

Re-Scape Colloquium: Campus heritage

“Discover the World at Leiden University.” This is how Leiden University promotes itself. The city of Leiden uses the slogan: “Leiden: Key to Discovery.” The strong similarity between the two is of course no coincidence. Since the founding of the University in 1575, the city and the university have been closely interrelated. Exploration, discovery, studying languages, cultures, arts, the history and material remains of societies worldwide stands at the heart of the University ánd the city. Leiden University hosted a number a world-famous professors, like Cleveringa, Clusius, Einstein, Huizinga, Lipsius and Thorbecke. Their legacy can sometimes still be traced in the physical environment. Buildings and streets are named after them. Some of the Leiden professor’s collections shaped Leiden museums (Boerhaave, Sieboldhuis, Ethnology, Antiquities) and of course the Hortus Botanicus. With its iconic buildings as the Academy building and the Sterrewacht, the university can be found everywhere in the city of Leiden.

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development regards the region of South Holland as a ‘living lab’. It wants to put campus and academic heritage in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam (LDE) on the agenda. There is also a current interest to it. In the inner city of Leiden and Delft Campus, some of the Faculty buildings are in need of replacement. Several activities are organized by the Centre to look for answers as how we can incorporate the history, atmosphere and legacies of the area, revive the ‘sense of place’, and in this way contributing to the long-standing academic tradition in new and recognizable ways. Lipsius Building

Re-Scape Colloquia

Research on spatial heritage is scattered over many academic disciplines, such as architecture, architectural history, archaeology, urban history, landscape studies and heritage studies.  The Centre for Global Heritage and Development (Leiden University, Delft Technical University and Erasmus University Rotterdam) and the VU Amsterdam research institute CLUE+ organize the Re-Scape

Registration: not necessary, participation is free of chargeRegistration: not necessary, participation is free of charge

Programme (subject to change):

(in the morning a PhD and MA thesis colloquia will be held by Linde Egberts and Gert-Jan Burgers respectively (10:30-12:00/ PJ Veth Building)

13.00    Welcome by dr. Linde Egberts

13.30    Heritage and Transformation of the Humanities Campus of Leiden University

Chris Suijker, Project manager Real Estate Centre of Expertise, Leiden University

13.40    Guided tour through the Humanities Campus including observation assignment

Elisa Meijer, Housing advisor of the Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University

14.40     Statements by panel experts,

                Experts to be announced

15.30    Discussion of observations

16.00    Closure by dr. Linde Egberts

16.10-17.00  drinks Café Barrera, Rapenburg