Sada Mire

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Assistant Professor, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University

Her main research interests are archaeological and anthropological theory and practice and cultural heritage studies. She specialises in the archaeology, ethnography and history of the peoples of North-East Africa, particularly Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Kenya. She focuses on the indigenous institutions and pre-Christian and pre-Islamic belief systems, material culture, (rock) art, rituals, practices and landscapes. Sada applies multidisciplinary approach studying past and present ritual practices through archaeological methodologies and anthropological methodologies, historical texts, and historical linguistics, ethno-botany and archaeozoology. Together with her local team, Mire carried out the so far most comprehensive survey of archaeological sites in Somaliland. This research is published in the African Archaeological Review (March Issue 2015). The same Issue also contains another research paper of hers on the Wagar, a sacred object of the Somali related to the Sky-God belief. This research is extensively explored in her book to be published by Left Coast Press/UCL. Sada is also completing another book for the same publisher on Somali heritage and identity, home and abroad, past and present, which includes her research on Somali Diaspora community in the UK, Kenya, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. She is currently involved in two international collaborative research projects. Her previous research includes faunal analysis of shellmiddens on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya.

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Interview with Sada Mire in The Guardian (sept, 2015)

Sada Mire
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