Raúl van Dijk Escoriza

Job title
Communications Officer Centre for Global Heritage and Development

Raúl studied History at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University. His research revolved around the cultural history of the former Dutch East Indies and Digital Humanities. Besides his new post as Communication Officer at the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, Raúl is employed at the Communications and Marketing department of Leiden’s Faculty of Humanities. In this role he is tasked with the development of new digital marketing tools targeting international audiences.

As Communications Officer Raúl is dedicated to further familiarize both academic circles and the general public with the Centre of Global Heritage and Development and its work. His short term goals consist of helping conceive a communications strategy for the Centre, setting up a social media campaign, enlarging the Centre’s audiovisual database, and further developing the student reporter network. In the long term Raúl intends to co-establish a stable media presence and social network through which to divulge the insights gained from the Centre’s academic output.

Raúl van Dijk Escoriza
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