Marzia Loddo

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Guest researcher Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, Employee at Helicon Conservation Support

Marzia holds a European PhD in Preservation of Architectural Heritage, awarded magna cum laude at the Politecnico di Milano (2019). Besides a master’s degree in Management of Artistic and Cultural Heritage (2014), she also holds one in Conservation of Environmental and Architectural Heritage (2012), a specialized degree in Conservation of Ceramics and Stone Artefacts (2008) and a bachelor’s degree in Technologies for the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage (2006). All of these contributed to enriching her knowledge in the management and preservation of the architectural and cultural heritage field, implemented also through several internships both in the fields of restoration and museum management.

She is currently Affiliated Researcher with the Centre for Global Heritage and Development with the Art, Heritage and Science cluster. From October 2019 until October 2021, she worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Delft University of Technology, with the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as part of the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie “LEaDing Fellows” Project.

Her research builds upon her previous studies in the museum field with a focus on storage facilities. The results of her PhD thesis entitled “Storage facilities for the collections of art museums: experiences in Italy and ongoing debates and perspectives after the Second World War” combined with the research resulting in the book “Metamorphosis. The transformation of Dutch Museums” (for which she contributed) inspired her new project “DIPOT: Digital Depot. A dynamic 3D representation of art collection storage facilities as a learning resource to build critical engagement and improve future design”. This research aims to build upon the legacy of the progressiveness of Dutch museums in developing new approaches to storage facilities by developing new VR technologies that could provide a completely unprecedented access and experience of museums’ deposits. The project ultimately aims to change the thinking of deposits from simply being an afterthought in the mind of the public and designers to valuing them as the crucial component of museums that they are.

She has published research articles in journals and presented papers in international and national conferences. She speaks fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (mother tongue).

Marzia Loddo
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