Maarten Jansen

Job title
Professor of Heritage of Indigenous Peoples, Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University

Maarten Jansen is full professor of ‘Heritage of Indigenous Peoples (with focus on the Americas)’, specialized in the visual art, history and living culture of Mesoamerica. He is head of the department Archaeological Heritage and participates in the Research MA & PhD tracks ‘Archaeological Heritage in a Globalising World’ and ‘Religion and Society (in Native American Cultures)’. He was born in Zeist, The Netherlands, in 1952. After obtaining a B.A. degree in Classical Languages and Archaeology at Leiden University (1973), he followed classes at Vienna University (Institut für Völkerkunde) and completed the M.A. specialization Archaeology of Pre-Columbian America with minors in Nahuatl and Quechua (Leiden 1976). Continuing his archaeological and historical research in combination with anthropological fieldwork in Mexico, he wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the ancient pictorial manuscript known as Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1 (Leiden, 1983, cum laude).

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Maarten Jansen
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