Krijn Boom

Job title
Post-Doctoral Researcher and Heritage Manager, Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University

Krijn Boom is a post-doctoral researcher and heritage manager with the Economies of Destruction (VICI)-project at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. In this combined function, he studies the social and economic impact of bronze age depositions in Northwest Europe, and manages public outreach and knowledge utilization. Krijn also has a position as Project Manager Blended Learning at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, combining his love for media and sci­ence in order to innovate teaching and provide students with a meaningful, yet fun way of learning.

He achieved two bachelor degrees (Graphic Design -2006- at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, and Communication Science -2009- at the Hogeschool Utrecht) before he started his ar­chaeological career in 2009 at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. There, he obtained his BA degree in 2012 with his thesis Tussen Maas en Rijn: De oudste vuurs­tenen artefacten uit Woerden?, and his MA degree in 2013 with his thesis Rebuilding Identities: The difficulties and opportunities of rehabilitation through the reconstruction of cultural heritage in post-war Yugoslavia. In 2013, he obtained a four-year PhD position as an independent researcher within the European NEARCH project. Titled Imprint of Action: The Sociocultural Impact of Public Activities in Archaeology, Krijn successfully defended his PhD research in October 2018.

Next to his PhD position, Krijn was Track Leader of two other projects within the NEARCH project; a field atelier for community involvement in archaeology and heritage management – Tell Balata, and Assessing archaeological rel­evance and community involvement in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2015‑2016 he was a Teaching Assistant for the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) Heritage under Threat, a Global Heritage and Development project, which he helped create together with the Leiden based Center for Innovation. In that year, he also co-founded the VALUE project – for research and outreach on the past, heritage, and video games, which was later formalized as the VALUE founda­tion, opening up to other academic sectors.

Some of his key publications reveal his love for videogames and the past; The Interactive Past: Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games (2017), and Video Games in Archaeology: Enjoyable but Trivial? (2017). Other publications, such as Archaeology, Heritage, and Social Value: Public Perspectives on European Archaeology, and The image of archaeology, consistencies and deflections through time among the Dutch, concurren­cies and deviations across Europe (2018), are all thanks to his involvement in the NEARCH project.

Krijn is an affiliated researcher with the Global Heritage and Development, within the Heritage and Identity track, in which he can make full use of his combined expertise on Gaming, Virtual Reality and Heritage Management.

Krijn Boom