Kim Eileen Ruf

Job title
PhD Candidate, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

In 2015, Kim Eileen Ruf graduated with a BA (Hons.) in Archaeology from Durham University. During her MA Archaeology studies at Leiden University in 2015-2016 she investigated the differing manifestations of re-use in Maya monumental architecture of pre- and post-colonial Yucatán with regard to the heritage of indigenous communities in Guatemala. In the subsequent years she worked as an excavation director and professional archaeologist in Germany.

In October 2018, she started her PhD at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Marie Louise Stig Sørensen. Her thesis focuses on the creation and perception of heritage in the everyday by analysing the incorporation of past/historic architecture or architectural elements into people’s daily lives. It provides an opportunity to investigate the processes of heritage formation through the reuse of structures and adaptation of the domestic environment, and whether these influence how individual people reflect on heritage. As everyday heritage formation is not part of the Authorised Heritage Discourse, her research presents an alternative perspective by questioning how lived heritage is perceived and can be altered through everyday interaction.

Kim Eileen Ruf
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