Khaled Hiatlih

Job title
Archaeologist, Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University

Khaled Hiatlih is a Syrian-Palestinian archaeologist. Associated with the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) in Damascus and with the Institute for Digital Archaeology in Oxford he explores the potential of new technologies to repair and reconstruct destroyed archaeological monuments and sites. Hiatlih gained his BA degree from BYU University in the U.S. and from Damascus University. As a staff member of the DGAMS He worked in several heritage projects in Syria including the restoration of the Folk museum (Azem Palace) in Damascus and the documentation of Syrian mosaics, a joint project with the European Center for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine monuments. Dedicated to the preservation of Syrian cultural heritage, Hiatlih has been tracking the illicit trafficking of Syrian archaeological artifacts and documenting the damage to Syrian heritage since the crisis started. Since his arrival in the Netherlands Hiatlih participates in cultural initiatives to raise public awareness and protect endangered Syrian heritage as a part of a global human heritage.

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