Harriët Sjerps

Job title
Educational Advisor/ Researcher ICLON, Guest Lecturer Minor Innovation, Co-Creation and Global Impact at Leiden University.

Harriët Sjerps is an experienced curriculum developer, education advisor and researcher. She started her career in higher education in Great Britain, first as a design lecturer and later as an action researcher at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Plymouth.

She continued her career at the University of Exeter, where she also obtained her doctorate (Human Geography). Her dissertation focused on current change processes in higher education in relation to sustainable development (Education for Sustainable Development). In Exeter she worked as a curriculum developer and lecturer in Sustainable Development (Global Futures).

Returning to the Netherlands in 2014, she worked as Head of Education at Royal Artis Zoo. The work involved leading en coordinating heritage projects related to the Artis collections and advice on the development of new exhibits for the the soon to be renovated Groote Museum in Amsterdam (the Netherlands' oldest Natural History Museum).

Currently she works as an education advisor/ researcher at Leiden University (ICLON)

Research interests:

· The evolving relationships between man and nature

· The (intangible) cultural heritage of Natura Artis Magistra

· Education for Sustainable Development/ Environmental Education

Harriet Sjerps
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