Annet Pauwelussen

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Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University

Annet Pauwelussen is a lecturer at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, where she teaches courses on environmental anthropology and heritage. She holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (Leiden University) and an MSc in International Development (Wageningen University). In April 2017 she defended her doctoral thesis at Wageningen University, based on her PhD research project funded by the Wageningen School of Social Sciences.

For her PhD research Annet carried out twenty months of mobile ethnographic research in a maritime region in Indonesia. In this region, she has explored how people relate to the sea in fundamentally different ways, by following practices and narratives of sea-nomads, conservationists, fish traders, security agents, blast fishers, and others. Her PhD research focuses on conceptual and methodological challenges that flow from the objective to grasp difference and fluidity in human-environment relations, without reducing these to one definition of reality.

Other interests include human-animal alliances, affective relations and UNESCO world heritage The Wadden Sea.

Annet Pauwelussen
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