Anita Casarotto

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Guest Staff member, Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University


At Leiden University, Anita Casarotto has carried out a PhD project titled “Spatial patterns in landscape archaeology: A GIS procedure to study settlement organization in early Roman colonial territories” (supervisors: Dr. Tesse D. Stek and Dr. Jeremia Pelgrom). The aim of her research was to develop a GIS research procedure to use (legacy) survey data for comparative regional analysis of ancient settlement patterns. As part of the research by the Landscapes of Early Roman Colonization project (NWO, Leiden University, KNIR) she examined site-based datasets produced by survey projects in central-southern Italy in a comparative framework to investigate settlement patterns in the early Roman colonial period (3rd century BC).

Through a post-doc grant (KNIR stipendium) she also conducted research at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR). She is involved as area manager for Italy in the Fasti Online Survey initiative (KNIR - AIAC) and she is Editor of the peer-reviewed journal FOLD&R Archaeological Survey Series. Recently she has been awarded a LUF grant/Byvanck fonds to start conducting a research on legacy survey data in collaboration with Leiden University and the KNIR. Anita collaborates with the Frontier Landscape Project Portugal (Leiden University, Évora University) and the archaeological open-air museum of Bostel di Rotzo (EXARC member).

Curriculum Vitae

Anita Casarotto obtained a Bachelor degree in Archaeology and a Master degree (cum laude) in Archaeological Sciences, both at the University of Padova, Italy. To expand her knowledge and acquire further professional skills in the field of cultural resource management, she attended a two-year postgraduate Specialization School in Archaeological Heritage (Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici, University of Padova, diploma received cum laude).

In the framework of the Erasmus mobility program, Anita conducted research on predictive modeling at the departmental unit of Computer Applications in Archaeology of the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University (The Netherlands), under the supervision of Dr. Hans Kamermans. Shortly after obtaining the postgraduate Specialization degree, in May 2013 she was appointed at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University as a PhD researcher in the NWO-funded project LERC – Landscapes of Early Roman Colonization, under the direction and supervision of Dr. Tesse D. Stek and Dr. Jeremia Pelgrom. During her PhD (Leiden University, 18 September 2018), Anita took part in the archaeological survey project in Venosa (Basilicata, Italy) and in the Tappino area (Molise, Italy) organized by LERC, she was research fellow within the LERC project at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR), and she visited Brown University (USA) thanks to a LUF/NWO grant.

Anita Casarotto
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