Still some spots for our Landscape Biography course in English!

We still have room for participants who want to know more about the Landscape Biography.  

The Landscape Biography is a tool or approach to study how people perceive the landscape around them. It combines a long-term perspective with human interactions and feedback because a landscape is not only physical, but it also has stories and imprints of the people who lived and interacted with that landscape. The Landscape Biography has been developed in the Netherlands by Jan Kolen (Leiden University), Hans Renes (emeritus Utrecht University) and Theo Spek (Groningen University) since the 1990s. Since then, the Landscape Biography approach has been adopted both by academics and in the world of policymakers to help think about future developments, for example when designing a new residential area. Its popularity is on the rise in the Anglo-Saxon world, Southern Europe and the Baltic States, but it is still not very well known internationally. In 2021 we organised the same course in Dutch, you can find a short impression here.

More information with the programme and a registration can be found by clicking here.

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