New course teaches MSc Students to design post-oil Rotterdam

The TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, together with Leiden University and Erasmus University, offers the MSc  Course 'Beyond Oil' (12 ECTC).

The course teaches students how to become aware of the wide-ranging impact that petroleum has had on the physical landscape of our cities and on our lifestyles and mindsets. It argues that attempts at creating a more sustainable architecture and urbanism need to acknowledge and understand these patterns to overcome them.

Building on existing research on 'Oil and Rotterdam' that is developed into an augmented reality tool, students will do a close analysis of specific sites and propose design solutions for Rotterdam after oil.

Among the design options will be a redesign of the site of the oil refinery in Pernis. Working in groups with students from different disciplinary backgrounds (architecture, urbanism, real estate and housing, heritage, history, media) will experiment design conditions as they exist outside the university and will produce a collective final project.

The course is designed as multidisciplinary. It is open to students from Leiden, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Erasmus Universities and will take into account their different disciplinary backgrounds. The course will be led by Carola Hein with support form faculty from various universities. Lectures, seminar and studio part will take place at TU Delft (tentatively Monday). Lectures and tours of Rotterdam will take place on Friday afternoon.This is an intensive course , which starts in Week 10 and ends in Week 20. 

Flyer Beyond Oil